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LEKKO - our values

We value flexibility, punctuality and highest quality. Those values are represented by our actions: the best customer service from the beginning to end, perfect delivery and installation. Our materials are chosen based on client`s needs but they are always top of the line. We aspire to be 100% confident when giving timelines and the quality of our products.

Polish craftsmanship at an international level

With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, we draw inspirations from foreign design and markets as well. Our aesthetic is close to the Scandinavian style and Danish concept – hygge. We love and appreciate bright and clean spaces with minimalist design. While taking your space to the next level, our projects also guarantee functionality and high quality.

Our service the art of creating aesthetic places

Full understanding and appreciation of client requirements are essential to us. We guarantee excellent communication through all project stages and assistance of our experts. What is essential as well, we guarantee limited intervention into other spaces on site during our installations. Whether it is a stylish upgrade of a room or a complete renovation of a space we guarantee prestigious service.

LEKKO Team - based on friendship, consolidated by passion

The foundations of our team would be shared goal and individual expertise. The awareness of our advantages and disadvantages leads to ongoing improvement process. And therefore makes us the market leader. We value constant development and growth as well as introducing innovative solutions to Polish market.

We operate throughout the Europe

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