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Who we are?

We are a group of people who have set themselves the goal of introducing comfort and innovation into their customer's interiors. Our strength lies in working together with passion and experience accumulated over many years. We instil harmony into interiors, combine simplicity with sophistication. We create cosy spaces, where you will feel at ease and energised.

Lekko - love for good design

Get to know us better

We are a team which divides interiors by combining passions and commitment.

We treat our staff like members of the family, to which each one contributes their unique qualities. We meticulously choose our employees, to ensure each design executions execution stage is performed to the highest standard. In opting to take advantage of our services, you also enjoy the care of a trustworthy project advisor, a skilled architect, designer and a tried and tested team or builders.

And the head of Insifal, a renowned company delivering glass façade solutions to prestigious buildings for more than 10 years is in charge of overall supervision.

At work we are professionals. You can rely on us without reservations. At the same time we would like you to get to know us as we are positive human beings, who like to discuss the art of creating aesthetic spaces over a cup of coffee.

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Our Partners about us

There has never been a company like LEKKO on the Polish market. An individual approach to every project, precise workmanship and an original design mean it is good to work with this company.

Piotr Dziąg

INSIFAL technical director


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